Genny Carraro

Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer

Expert facilitation that transforms communities, organisations and conflicts with energy, joy and clarity.

Hi, I’m Genny!

I’m a consultant, facilitator and trainer.

Trained in Processwork and Sociocracy among other facilitation modalities, I’m the co-founder of the Italian Processwork School, and an experienced and dynamic facilitator of groups and organisations.

Having lost my sight at the age of two, I learned that collaboration and mutual support are key to the development of any personal as well as professional project.



individual sessions

Understanding the self is a powerful tool that can create the space and motivation to address and shift long-held patterns.

Genny is good at bringing people to the level of conversation where they speak more from the heart than from the mind – in a creative and empathetic way.


Genny also offers consultancy and training for a wide range of organisations and companies, including in areas of improving communication, collaboration, and tools such as sociocracy.


Genny has been working with communities and organisations for years to transform conflict, improve relationships and communication, and move towards more artful collaboration.

She is available to facilitate processes with groups of all sizes – from couples to projects, to communities – with her years of experience of processwork, facilitation, sociocracy and other complementary tools.


"It has been a sincere pleasure working with Genny as the managing director of GEN Europe. I came in ‘fresh’ to the council and Genny has led the way. Gentle - sometimes. But always with vision, ambition, insight, and perspective. Courage too. And not to forget, energy and humor."
"Genny is a truly dedicated colleague to work with. You can count on her and she has a passionate heart and an abundant Spirit. She is able to navigate multiple roles and be aware of the different levels of interaction and responsibility."
Ana Rhodes Castro
"Genny has been an active contributor to Ecolise since its inception in 2014, both as a Council member and also as a professional facilitator of events and internal processes to resolve tensions/conflict and support organizational development. Genny is a highly skilled facilitator who can easily adapt her approach to different contexts."
"I have been very lucky to have a chance to cooperate with Genny. Genny has unique combination of qualities: she is very smart, responsible, and at the same time caring, open and friendly. In addition to that she has great sense of humor. Her spirit brightens up people around her!"

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“If it's not fun, it's not sustainable!”