"Genny is a truly dedicated colleague to work with. You can count on her and she has a passionate heart and an abundant Spirit. I have worked and work currently with her as part of the Organisers team of Arte del Processo and it is a joy to do so. She is able to navigate multiple roles and be aware of the different levels of interaction and responsibility. She is also a great group dynamics facilitator so this adds to her organisational and decision making skills a level of awareness on regards to team dynamics that is invaluable."
“Genny has been an active contributor to Ecolise since its inception in 2014, both as a Council member and also as a professional facilitator of events and internal processes to resolve tensions/conflict and support organizational development. Genny is a highly skilled facilitator who can easily adapt her approach to different contexts. Through her presence, her empathy and her focus on outcomes she successfully held many challenging processes in Ecolise and became a valued and trusted facilitator, as well as a colleague whose views and opinions were always held in high regard”
"Working with Genny over the past years has been an honour and experience in the true power of human potential unleashed. Her relentless energy, vision and motivation is effortlessly coupled with a caring softness and humour which I have rarely witnessed in others. Personally speaking, through Genny's professional mentorship and guidance she supported me on the path to realise my own power which now I am now able to apply to servicing others as well as my own healing. Thank you, Genny"

Experience summary

Genny has been active and central to multiple transition and network-based initiatives whom are at the forefront of pursuing radical and urgent transition for holistic sustainability and regeneration of living systems. Her work has consciously interconnected micro to macro forms of necessary transition including in areas such as intergovernmental policy adoption and development in the areas of social and ecological sustainability, the empowerment of bioregional, community-led networks, and regenerative projects, always integrating her characterly-flavoured transformational methods bringing personal healing and growth to those who surround her.
"I have been very lucky to have a chance to cooperate with Genny. Genny has unique combination of qualities: she is very smart, responsible, and at the same time caring, open and friendly. In addition to that she has great sense of humor. Her spirit brightens up people around her!"
"Don't trust Genny! She's dangerously deceptive! She will take you to wild mazes and make you look at yourself in ways you never thought were possible. Never underestimate Genny's powers to notice unpleasant facts and bring them to light! That's what Genny's is best at, she's a philosophers' stone transforming base personal and organisational stuff into gold.

She can hold her horses too if you ask her, but her greatest contribution to any group or team comes from her genius running free along your side while you're learning how to own your integrity. If integrity is what you're sincerely looking for, Genny is the best person I know to help you pursue it and thus improve your teams, companies, organisations."
"It has been a sincere pleasure working with Genny as the managing director of GEN Europe. I came in ‘fresh’ to the council and Genny has led the way. Gentle - sometimes. But always with vision, ambition, insight, and perspective. Courage too. And not to forget, energy and humor. What characterize Genny, for me, is a high degree of professionalism and a charming and colorful personality. Ready for a dance, when needed! I feel held, trusted, and included, working with Genny. Both as the managing director, but also in other projects and as a facilitator. Luckily, our journeys will continue to cross the same paths."
"My experience with Genny as mentor in my learning path in process work is one of feeling both cared for as well as challenged. She respects difficulties, but invites to challenge them. She shows paths (as possible evolutionary processes) and inspires me to choose by myself.

With her I can crack, because she supports me. With her I flow, because she intuits everything without forcing. She sees everything, sees deep and far. See, feel and perceive much further, but that does not stop her from giving me the reins of my way.

Genny is a great teacher, chaperone, facilitator. She makes the difficult easy, sustains and generates that transforming crunch that is life."
"I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Genny Carraro in 2014 at a RIVE national network meeting, and immediately we created a positive relationship. We then invited her to assist Mrs. Beatrice Briggs with translation in her facilitation training In Torri Superiore in the same year, and she served the position in the most amazing way. We carried on the collaboration in 2015 within the CLIPS partnership (Community Learning Incubator Program for sustainability) where we both represented the RIVE network, and we still enjoy working and teaching together.

Genny has achieved great results in her life, all well deserved. She has developed a deep knowledge in facilitation, decision making processes, meeting organization, and she has successfully managed the GEN-Europe office for four years. She also tirelessly started and kept alive the amazing Process Work school in Italia, opening new perspectives in group work based on social justice. As a colleague, I appreciate her frankness, brightness and generosity. As a facilitator, she is able to keep the group aligned and help it move and out of its comfort zone to achieve higher results, while communicating respect and appreciation for everyone involved in the process.

As a personal friend, I treasure her humor, warmth, creativity and ability to surprise me with genius ideas in unexpected moments.
"Dear Genny and all of you, I am happy to share my pleasure in having invited Genny to come to Sardinia to apply her relevant experience in different contexts.

I am part of the board of a social innovation experiment aiming to create new connections between producers and consumers in organic food. The project is now a reality, and is a consumers' cooperative in Cagliari, called Mesa Noa, www.mesano.org. Mesa Noa means in Sardinian language "new table", indicating a new way to connect people around the strategic team of quality food. Genny has been facilitating several meetings of the board of administrators, which were facing serious difficulties in elaborating operative ways to run the cooperative under the sociocracy approach. Genny also successfully hosted seminars on the topic for the members and supporters of the cooperative.

Genny also presented the International school of Process work and the Global Ecovillage Network organization during the very important Festival of Scirarindi, in December 2019, a big annual event connecting in Sardinia and elsewhere people working on new awareness about personal and community development, holistic activities, and new forms of civic economy.

Genny is definitely a very precious consultant in facilitation and group management. We wish to have her soon with us again in Sardinia!"
"First what comes to my mind is your presence, and your memory is incredible. You are, and may be because of your blindness, an excellent facilitator. You developed special senses to feel the energy. Straight no nonsense when it is needed and loose a joyful when possible. You keep the overview.

And also as a manager you know your facts and inspire groups and individuals. You did a great job managing the office of GEN, to make it more professional and I am sure the people loved to work with you because you are a warm heart and you set clear goals.

Naturally you are interested in and applying sociocracy. This is all about equivalence and acknowledging the individual. And about effective decision making. You know how to explain and live these principles and that makes you an excellent trainer as well"