Meet Genny

I’m genny: an expert facilitator, counsellor, trainer and consultant.

I work with communities, organisations and individuals to bring clarity, ease and efficiency to your processes – always with a dose of energy, straight-talking, and humour.

My work is deeply rooted in my story. At the age of two, I lost my sight in a car accident, and this life-changing event taught me lessons that shape who I am and how I work: that collaboration is the key to survival and growth, and that healthy and trusting relationships are the foundation of our life experience. I also learned that my senses are my greatest tools: I am strongly attuned to subtle shifts in energy, to what is left unsaid and what needs to be expressed for a group to move forward, and these are gifts that I bring to my facilitation.

Despite the challenges and barriers presented to me by the outside world, I have never let my disability stand in my way. I have travelled the world, founded an NGO, produced an award-winning documentary – and all of my experiences have bolstered my belief in the need for better human relationships and collaboration.

It was this belief that led me to co-found the Italian Processwork School, the first initiative to bring facilitation, processwork and related fields to Italy. Working with facilitation, conflict transformation and deep democracy drew me to the ecovillage movement, where I was CEO of the European Ecovillage Network (GEN Europe) for five years and was a board member of ECOLISE for six years, before dedicating myself full time to my passion and expertise of facilitating and training groups. I’m drawn and experiment with cristals, essential oils, omeopatic remedies, indigenous and shamanic knowledge, and it all adds up to an art of living! 

Facilitating individuals, groups and organisations to define their vision, work better together and overcome obstacles is my passion and driving force. If you’re looking for guidance, clarity and tools for building solid groups, learn more about what I offer: individual sessions; consultancy and training and group facilitation, or custom offerings – contact me for a discussion.

My work is characterised by joy, experimentation, energy and dynamism: you can expect firmness and clarity as well as laughter and surprises. Having experienced the world through non-visual senses for my entire life, I work with subtle perception, picking up signs and energies that many often miss and bringing conflicts and challenges into the light, where they can be examined with curiosity and transformed into valuable gifts.

I work in English, Italian and Spanish. I am based in Arterra Bizimodu ecovillage in Navarra, Spain, and am available for work online and in-person internationally. 

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