Current Projects

CLIPS: Community Learning Incubator For Sustainability

I am a co-initiatior of and consultant for of the CLIPS Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability. This project brings together ecovillage experts, founders and trainers from GEN Europe, the European Ecovillage Network, in order to support new and existing communities to overcome challenges and barriers to group formation. If you are starting an ecovillage, cooperative, co-housing or other group project, get in touch for more information.

Italian Processwork School

I am co-founder of the Italian Processwork School. We followed the call of bringing to Italy an approach which helps develop the awareness we need to be able to have healthier relationships in our personal life, our workplaces, in society, and in the world as a whole. The methodology helps us to recognise our potential and to overcome our cultural and personal limits in order to welcome all parts of ourselves, as well as the diversity we meet in the workplace or in society.

Transition Campus, Arterra Bizimodu Community, Spain

The Transition Campus offers the knowledge “distilled” from the experiences of transition and regeneration that ecovillages and related movements have been developing for more than 40 years. The Campus is the expression of an innovative and integrative methodology: we know that changes are not concepts, rather lived experiences where practice is ever-present.

It is influenced by the community experience: community chooses to cultivate the common and its tools. we know we are interdependent.

It aims to Investigate another way of looking at the economy, because only with the abundance shared in degrowth will we be able to restore a forgotten but essential social justice.

It mantaIns the compass always oriented towards the ecological,  because we want and can live without destroying the home of all living beings, the Earth. we are indebted to the following generations, we work to reduce that impact.

We offer knowledge, but not certainties. We offer experiences and processes full of life. From the Campus we invite you to accept personal and collective challenges, inhabit them, use creativity to invoke the new, and learn together to lead the transitions to come.

EU4Transition (European University for Transition)

The European University for Transition (EU4Transition) Erasmus + project develops innovative, multidisciplinary, pragmatic and holistic approaches for teaching and learning in the field of Transitions  (ecological, economic, social, cultural) at the local and European level. Built as a European partnership, the European University for Transition facilitates the exchanges, flows and co-creation of knowledge and skills between 7 partner organisations.

In working together, the EU4Transition partners will challenge structures, organization and methods that are taken for granted, in order to experience and test common modules of teaching/researching and develop new common forms of training/researching and certification. The project aims to:

  • Issue a teaching guide, a course syllabus and a MOOC.
  • Organize one week school programs for students and scholars to test innovative teaching pedagogies.
  • Build an alliance of teachers and researchers sharing feasible innovative practices.